Fuel oil burner

Lamborghini-Light oil burner ECO R

Lamborghini-Light oil burner ELCO R with oil preheating with TÜV approval

General features:

  • Stabilized blower, which guarantees a pressure reserve and is therefore particularly advantageous in the start-up phase
  • Uniform air distribution, with reduced air excess for a high combustion efficiency
  • Shape and precision in the design of the brewing head, with low pollutant, environmentally friendly combustion
  • Combustion head - The adjustment can be carried out on the running burner on a screw
  • The dimensions are such that the burner can easily be installed as a unit burner under the boiler shell and can be easily combined with all boilers
  • Oil preheating: Guarantees a good start - even with cold fuel oil and after a long burner standstill
  • Air flap with automatic closure slows the cooling down of the boiler at a burner standstill and saves energy
  • Mounting: attachment to the boiler by flange with universal holes, removable from the burner

Scope of delivery:

  • Oil burner
  • 2 Oil Flexible hoses 1.000 mm
  • Jet
  • 7-pin connector
Dimensions in mm
ECO 3 R250215305-901608085135160M 8
ECO 5 RN280247342-901958085135160M 8
ECO 7 R280247410401401959095150200M 8
technical Data

Oil throughput
Heat outputMotor
Oil preheating
ECO 3 R1,2 - 3,014,235,612.20030.6007011010,7380 x 280 x 320
ECO 5 RN2,6 - 5,030,859,326.50051.00010011011,5290 x 310 x 440
ECO 7 R4,4 - 7,352,286,644.90074.50010011012,0290 x 310 x 440