AVAG - Press Control 230 Volt

AVAG - press control 230 Volt

AVAG-Press Control for electric pumps ensures constant pressure and flow. The pump starts after reaching the set cut-in and stops when the water withdrawal ends. The Press Control is built on electric centrifugal pumps with 230 Volts and replaced 24ltr diaphragm tanks.

Scope of delivery:

  • Pressure switch,
  • Pressure gauge,
  • 4-Way-connector,
  • Cable to the Pump,
  • Cable with Plug

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 230 Volt
  • Max. delivery: 120 l./min.
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Max. liquid temperature: 40°C
  • Connection: 1" male
  • Dimensions: height: ca. 275 mm width: ca. 148 mm

Application examples:

AVAG - press control