Loctite 638 Thread sealant

Loctite 638 thread sealant

Special joining product with very large gap filling capacity,
DVGW Reg-No .: NG-5146AR0619, with KTW recommendation for cold and hot water

  • quick hand strength
  • as screw and thread seal up to 1 1/4 "
  • for high-strength connections of shafts, bushings and bearings
    the fit clearance during repairs is bridged, seals and prevents fretting corrosion
Max. gap bridging:0,05 - 0,25 mm
Compressive strength:20 - 35 N/mm²
Operating temperature range:up to + 150°C
Handling strength at room temperature:5 min.
Final strength (100%):12 h

Content available: 50 ml or 250 ml bottle

Loctite 55 Sealing yarn for threads

Loctite 55 sealing yarn for threads

DVGW test mark: DV-5142 AU 0166
DIN 30660, EN 751-2

  • replaces hemp, pastes and PTFE tapes
  • temperature resistant up to + 130 ° C
  • for use on plastic and metal threads
  • especially for heating and sanitary sector
  • approvals for cold, hot water and gas
  • clean and easy to use
  • connection can be readjusted

Content: 160 m



AVAG-Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. 306-48

Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. 306-48
  • for gluing bearings, shafts, bushings, hubs, bolts, etc.
  • protects against loosening and fretting corrosion
  • creates high-strength connections, prevents twisting
  • seals and prevents liquids from escaping
  • fast curing, high strength
Max. gap bridging:+ 0,15 mm
Compressive strength:25 - 35 N/mm²
Operating temperature range:- 60 °C up to + 175 °C
Handling strength at room temperature:2 - 5 min
Final strength (100%):1 - 3 h

Content available: 50 ml tube or 250 ml bottle

AVAG-Thread sealant no. 305-72

AVAG-Thread sealant no. 305-72
  • for securing and sealing threaded connections with PTFE in the area of water
  • DIN DVGW Reg-no.: NG-5146AR0563
  • resistant to many chemical liquids
  • replaces hemp and Teflon sealing tape
  • temperature and vibration resistant
Max. Ø - max. gap bridging:2" - 0,40 mm
Breakaway strength M10:7 - 10 N/m
Operating temperature range:- 60°C up to + 150°C
Handling strength at room temperature:20 - 40 min.
Final strength (100%):1 - 3 h

Content available: 50 ml tube or 250 ml bottle

Stainless steel-Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. 306-30

Stainless steel-Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. 306-30
  • for fastening parts to be joined made of passive materials
  • fast without activator, high strength
Max. gap bridging:0,20 mm
Breakaway strength:35 - 45 N/m
Continued torque:50 - 70 N/m
Operating temperature range:- 60°C up to + 180°C
Handling strength at room temperature:2 - 5 min
Final strength (100%):2 - 4 h

Content: 50 ml tube

Stainless steel-Thread sealant no. 302-44

Stainless steel-Thread sealant no. 302-44

with DVGW certification

  • medium strength, normal removable
Max. gap bridging:M 36 - 0,25 mm
Breakaway strength N/m:8 - 12 Nm
Operating temperature range:- 60°C up to + 150°C
Handling strength at room temperature:20 - 40 min
Final strength (100%):4 - 8 h

Content: 50 ml tube

Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. SI 303-31

Retaining cylindrical assemblies no. SI 303-31
  • acetate-curing 1-component silicone sealant with a good chemical resistance against diluted acids and lyes
  • permanently elastic pipe and thread sealing for cold water-carrying plastic and metal pipes
    (*KTW approval for cold water)
  • suitable for drinking water and food
For threaded connections up to mm:M 80 R 3"
Max. gap bridging:0,50 mm
Breakaway strength:< 1,5 N/m
Operating temperature range:- 40°C bis + 180°C
Handling strength at room temperature:24 h
Final strength (100%):3 days

Content: 85 ml tube

Activator F

Activator F

To reduce the cure time of joining and thread sealants. Use the activator for all passive surfaces and low ambient temperatures from below + 10 ° C, as well as with large gaps and non-metallic surfaces.

Content: 200 ml

Teflon thread sealing tape (PTFE)

Teflon thread sealing tape (PTFE)

Roll length: 12 m.


  • 0,075 x 12 mm - not DVGW tested
  • 0,100 x 12 mm - DVGW tested

Flax / hemp

Flax / hemp
  • 1a quality
  • for sealing metal threaded connections

available: 200 g braid or 80 g coil in the dispenser



Light-coloured thread sealing paste can be worked easily and quickly and does not harden.
Application in conjunction up to 2" with hemp. Not for gas and drinking water units in domestic equipment installation.

Temperature range:- 25°C up to + 100°C
Max. pressure:10 bar

Content: 500 g can

Neo-Fermit Universal

Neo-Fermit Universal

Clean and non-toxic sealing paste in gas and drinking water installations for metal threaded connections with hemp.

Temperature range:

Drinking water:0°C up to + 95°C
pressure: 16 bar
Heating:0°C up to + 130°C
pressure: 7 bar

Content available: 90 g tube, 150 g tube or 450 g can

Locher Paste 2000

Locher Paste 2000

Non-hardening sealing paste for metal threaded connections in house installation, gas and drinking water supply, as well as heating systems
use with hemp
DIN-DVGW-Reg.-no.: NV-5142BL0134

Content available: 250 g tube or 450 g can



Plumbing putty

  • permanently plastic sealing compound
  • highly elastic for all types of sanitary facilities

Content: 250 g can

Froschmarke refactory boiler putty

Froschmarke refactory boiler putty

Non-shrinking, fireproof sealing putty based on water glass, e.g. for sealing against smoke gases when used on boiler systems, ovens and stoves.

Temperature resistance: + 1,000 ° C

Content: 1 kg can



Fermitape - Multi-function tape

Fermitape - Multi-function tape

Ideal for the temporary repair of hoses, pipes and lines

  • self-connecting, welds itself
  • good seal
  • long durability
  • temperature resistant: - 40 ° C to + 130 ° C
  • swimming pool suitable
  • insulates power lines up to 132 kV
  • color: black
  • thickness: 0.5mm

Content: 3 m x 25 mm





Liquid sealant for small leaks. Closes pores, cracks or damaged seals on boilers, radiators, pumps, cylinder blocks and car radiators. Absolutely water-, steam- and pressure-tight from the inside.
Not suitable for particularly narrow openings.

Content: 1 kg bottle



Fermitol liquid

Fermitol liquid

Liquid synthetic resin sealant, easy to use, immediate sealing.
Resistant to oil, liquid gas, gasoline, benzene, petroleum, fats, water, steam, acids, lye, brine, salt water

  • temperature range: - 10 ° C to + 130 ° C
  • Phthalate free
  • bottle with brush

Content: 125 g bottle



Leak fix sealer for pools

Leak fix sealer for pools

For sealing small leaks in swimming pools (concrete, polyester, acrylic, sealing tarpaulin) as well as pipes in the earth

for leaks between 0.5 - 0.8 m³ / day
with a size of 50 - 60 m³

Content: 1 l canister



Repair mass for leaks

Repair mass for leaks

Two-component epoxy sealant for repair and quick assembly of rigid and semi-rigid synthetics.

After hardening the product can be worked on like metal - boring, sawing, filing or painting

Content: 120 g stick



Aluminium Repair Stick

Aluminium Repairstick

Epoxy resin aluminum-filled

Non-rusting, hardens quickly

For quick and rustproof repairs and bonding of metal parts

For repairing cracks, holes and leaks

Processing temperature: + 10 ° C to + 35 ° C

Content: 57 g



Gasket Maker - Permanently elastic special sealant

Gasket Maker - Permanently elastic special sealant

Cures with air humidity and practically without shrinkage

Adheres very well to steel, aluminum, glass, ceramic and other materials.

Excellent temperature, oil and grease resistance, pressure-resistant, UV-stable, age-resistant and permanently elastic.

Cannot be painted over

For use on engines, water pumps, gears, axles, oil sumps and much more.

  • temperature resistance: - 40 ° C to + 280 ° C
  • max. sealing joint width: 25 mm
  • max. bonding gap bridging: 5 mm
  • color: black

Content available: 310 ml cartridge or 1 l bucket



Allround sealing spray

Allround sealing spray

Strong, sprayable plastic with a strong adhesion for sealing leaks, e.g. fine cracks and seams indoors and outdoors.

Adheres to many surfaces: stone, metal, enamel, wood, plastic and much more.

The spray is overpaintable, waterproof and weather resistant. It protects metals against corrosion and is free of bitumen and silicone.

For use e.g. on gutters, sewage and drainage pipes, caravans, boats, roofs, windows, pool walls, pond foils, cell shafts and ventilation shafts.

  • temperature resistance: - 50 ° C to + 100 ° C
  • drying time: 2 - 4 hours
  • color: gray

Content: 400 ml can



Liquid Rubber HBS 200

Liquid Rubber HBS 200

Universal, permanent, waterproof and airtight protective layer.

Can be used inside and outside, as well as good adhesion to concrete, stone, wood, metal, zinc, bitum, PP and PE.

  • touch dry after approx. 3 hours
  • water-resistant after approx. 24 hours
  • hardening after approx. 48 hours.
  • color: black
  • check whether it can be painted over with acrylic and alkyd paint in advance

Content: 310 g





For sealing all types of roofs, repairs to gutters and built-in roof windows

  • lead colored foils 0.05 mm
  • coated with a 1 mm thick layer of a bitumen-rubber composition
  • width: 10 cm

Roll length: 10 m / roll



Glass Fiber Door Seal/ Stove Tape Kit

Glass Fiber Door Seal/ Stove Tape Kit

Glass fiber door seal/ stove tape kit with glue to seal the fireplace or furnace doors.

  • very good adhesiveness
  • very high temperature resistance
  • no smoke development

Temperature range adhesive: + 1,100°C
Temperature range cord: + 550°C

Color cord: white

Length: 2,5 m

cord available: Ø 8 mm or Ø 10 mm



PTFE flat seal tape

PTFE flat seal tape


Application: flanges, pipelines, machine housings, etc.

The soft and smooth material adapts perfectly to every underground.

Temperature range: - 240 ° C to + 260 ° C
Max. operating pressure: 200 bar

Roll length: 25 m

Width x thickness: 10,0 x 3,0 mm