Control Box

Control Box 2E
Control Box 2E

The Guardian angel for your pump

Control box is a control system for manual operation and automatic monitoring of 230V AC submersible pumps with external capacitor and three-phase submersible pumps and other three-phase centrifugal pumps.

The control box has the following functions:

  1. Switching on and off (right DOL)
  2. Overload protection
  3. Protection against phase failure (three-phase version)
  4. Protection against overvoltage
  5. Protection against short-circuit
  6. Dry running protection

The control box displays the following operating states:

  1. In action (ON)
  2. Water shortage (SB) - (automatic retry) - STAND BY
  3. Dry running (UL) - (switched off) - UNDERLOAD
  4. Overload (OL) - (switched off) - OVERLOAD

After eliminating the fault, can be switched on again manually. For this, the switch must first be switched to 0 and then I. The automatic monitoring will be reactivated.

The control box offers the following advantages:

  1. With one control box, motors can be monitored in three-phase from 5.5 to 10 HP. The setting of the rated current (nominal current) is carried out by a potentiometer inside the unit with the appropriate scale.
  2. In phase failure, overcurrent or overvoltage the control box switches off.
  3. The water level is monitored not by a prone and costly probe, but by changing the COS φ (power factor).
  4. In dry running, the system checks 4 times (after 10, 22, 45 and 90 min.) If the water level allows an automatic restart (SB). After that times, the motor is switched off (UL).
  5. Pressure switch, float switch, etc. can be connected to the control box. The connection is made via the terminals SW via a potential-free contact (opener).
  6. The command is transmitted by low voltage.

The control system is housed in a sturdy, non-conductive plastic housing IP44. The cable entries are splashproof.

Type: Volts: for motor
for motor
max. COS φ max. ampere
Control Box 2E 400 Volt - 50 Hz 5,5 - 10 PS 4,07 - 7,35 Kw 0,6 20